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Marina Adams in conversation with Martha Tuttle, Bomb Magazine, Winter Issue 2022
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The Modern Art Notes Podcast: Episode 476: Siddhartha Mitter, Marina Adams
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Being There: Tuesday Evenings at the Modern with Marina Adams
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Between Two Palms, Pt.5: The Painter & The Critic, Marina Adams and Barry Schwabsky

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What Artists Listen To Podcast, Episode 49: Marina Adams

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What Artists Listen To Podcast Playlist: Marina Adams
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Marina Adams
Salon 94 & Pacific, 2019
Forward by Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn; Poem by Norma Cole; Conversation with Alex Bacon.
'This book spans nearly a decade of New York–based Marina Adams’ painting practice, culling and sequencing pages of images to highlight her bold pattern shifts. Fluently pushing color into form, Adams creates undulating shapes that reveal a powerful internal rhythm beneath their surface simplicity. Her work bears a Matisse-like connection to the intricate patterns of textiles as well as the rich designs of Moroccan rugs—and, for that matter, those by Sonia Delaunay. Another inspiration for the artist has been Moorish mosaics, such as the tessellated walls in the Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain, and the silhouettes of the ancient Greek caryatids which support the roof of the porch of the Erechtheion on the Athenian Acropolis. Painting by painting, the secret origami of Adams’ visual language unfolds as a favorite color travels across miles of canvas, absorbing rove pigments along the way.'
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New Alphabet
Accordion style book of 8 consecutive color etchings, bound in 2 different editions of 10.
9.25 x 79.25 inches, open
2017, printed by VanDeb Editions, NY.
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Portrait and a Dream
Karma Books, NY, 2016
'Portrait and a Dream is a series which was conceived in Adams' studio after the artist placed two postcards side by side: Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s sculpture, The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, and Picasso’s study of the Weeping Woman for Guernica. The pairing of these two images presented her with a wholeness of human experience—the ecstasy and the agony. Each work in the series is a diptych composed of a rendition of Picasso’s woman next to an abstract shape that references Saint Teresa’s ecstasy through vivid color and vibrating forms. The work’s title comes from a Jackson Pollock painting of the same name, a poetic observation on the dialogue between the figurative and non-figurative.'
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Artist-poet collaboration by Marina Adams and Norma Cole, produced by Litmus Press, 2015 (Selected pages)
Please see Links for Litmus Press
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Marina Adams: Coming thru Strange
Catalogue, Hionas Gallery LES
2013, produced by Town Crier
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A collaborative screenprint by Marina Adams & poet Vincent Katz
2012, produced by Kayrock Screenprinting
Diptych, each print 22 x 22 inches
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Vue sur Mer!
Artist-poet collaboration with Christian Prigent, published by Gervais Jassaud, 2012 (Selected pages)
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Marina Adams and Norma Cole, 'New Alphabet', BOMB Magazine, Number 114 / Winter 2010, Section: FIRST PROOF
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CUE Art Foundation Catalogue, 2008
With texts by Norma Cole and Christine Licata
(PDF is text only)
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The Tango
Artist-poet collaboration with Leslie Scalapino, Photographs and Text & Marina Adams, Works on Paper and Painting on Found Materials, Granary Books, 2001 (Selected pages)
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